Structural Steel, Construction & Turnkey Projects in Southern Africa


Structural Steel Design, Fabrication & Installation for Factories, Warehousing and Commercial structures.


Building and Turnkey Projects for Industrial, 
Commercial structures.
Quality Triangle
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The triangle being the the most rigid of structures, in parallel to this we believe the three vital components to succeed in the construction industry are Professionalism, Integrity and  Quality. These strong core values have been adopted by our team to promote and underpin our belief that true success comes from dedicating ourselves to meeting the highest standards in these three critical areas.

What our customers say about us

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“With the help of IBC we have created a safe, healthy and professional working environment. They were efficient and budget conscious and delivered quality work without compromise.”

M Rothman (Director)

IBC Customer Hi-Calibre
"In my experience, working with IBC is made easy because the integration of their core values of professionalism, integrity and quality is evident at every interaction."

A Kelfkens
Hi Calibre Engineering

“IBC has been a great partner to work with on different projects. They are always hands on and actively involved, adding value to projects to achieve an optimal and buildable design and construction solution.”

J. Bluff
Managing Director (Pr Eng.)

Edge Engineering