Integrated Building Construction

Through the many years of IBC's team involvement in the industrial construction industry a definite need has been identified for the provision of a integrated team offering professional engineering design, project/construction management, architectural planning and contracting services, who are capable of offering sustainable, cost-effective, quality, design, management and construction solutions. IBC fulfils this need by managing the teams many years of professional experience into one team with a carefully structured methodology that enables and maximises the efficiencies needed to achieve unmatched service to the industry.

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Mhlumi by Integrated Building Construction

Your Partner in Building Smart

As a full service Construction Management company, we provide a wide array of specialised in-house services throughout all phases of our construction process. Our time tested experience and diverse expertise helps us provide a truly customised and comprehensive package of services to meet each client's unique needs and expectations.

Our Vision

To lead the field in providing cost effective Diverse Integrated Construction and Development Solutions across Southern Africa.​

Structural Steel Design

Our Mission

IBC's mission is to offer integrated solutions within the construction and engineering sector in order to offer the most comprehensive, cost effective and highest quality construction and engineering solutions in Southern Africa.​

Structural Steel At the Core

The senior members of the team have been involved in the Structural Steel Design and Construction arena for more than 20 years and are able to offer unmatched design efficiency integrity and quality construction of purpose-made steel structures.

IBC Values

Our Values

The triangle being the the most rigid of structures, in parallel to this we believe the three vital components to succeed in the construction industry are Professionalism, Integrity and Quality. These strong core values have been adopted by our team to promote and underpin our belief that true success comes from dedicating ourselves to meeting the highest standards in these three critical areas.